Studio Osoi

Studio Osoi is a Swiss label founded at the beginning of 2018 by Nora Z’Brun. As a postindustrial designer, Nora is interested in various aspects of the design process. 

Moreover, she is inspired by her ongoing studies of the Feldenkrais method – a movement technique that deals with body awareness. 

In the first realized project  ‘Jumpsuit Collection’ the production process of a garment was explored. With the aim to create a piece that is strong and durable, easy to wear but at the same time of high quality. Far from fast fashion trends, her jumpsuit was made to give you an all-round comfortable feeling.

The jumpsuits are made in a small manufacture in Bali. The tailor Iqbal masters all steps on his own – from cutting the fabric to sewing the buttons. The long-term goal is to improve step by step the transparency of the whole production chain.