Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig's clothes are made in India by artisans with a rich weaving background. Their Indian partners have a common commitment to weaving fabrics and sewing styles in an ethical environment. They employ 90% women and provide free on-site childcare and tutoring. Their weavers and sewers can take their breaks and lunches with their little ones, and are also free to take fresh produce from the on-site garden. Just like Ace & Jig, their employees are always looking for ways to improve, and are excited by the weaving challenges of a new texture, color, or handfeel.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, and Portland, Oregon, Ace & Jig is composed of Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson and was founded in 2009. Ace & Jig set out to create a seasonless women's collection from one fabrication: their own yarn-dye, woven fabric. They wanted to create timeless garments from their own textile designs, as interesting in texture as in color and pattern. Ace & Jig is constantly inspired by their own ever-growing textile collections.

At the start of each new season, they sit down with their most exciting finds—from the feedsack bags of antique french linens to Japanese boro quilts—and begin to create their own woven story. The weaving process begins with raw hanks of natural fiber, which are then hand-dyed and colored by eye. The yarns are then dried in the sun and hand-spun into skeins using an apparatus recycled out of an old bicycle. From there, weavers start the meticulous and lengthy process of weaving together the yarns to produce an intricate cloth.